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Mosquit Scenario- First time 
There are 13 types of  Diseases You Can Get From Mosquitoes
1. Malaria, 2. Lymphatic filariasis (elephantiasis), 3. Yellow fever, 4. West Nile fever, 5. Dengue fever, 6. Chikungunya, 7. Zika fever, 8. Ross River fever, 9. Eastern Equine Encephalitis, 10. Japanese Encephalitis, 11. La Crosse Encephalitis, 12. St. Louis Encephalitis, 13. Western Equine Encephalitis.
But we are not aware of all of these diseases. We know more about Dengue, Malaria, Zika, Chikungunya
If you are afraid of Chikunghunya, Zika, Dengue, Malaria and any kind of mosquito diseases.
Why we are suffering from these disease because we are bitten by mosquito. Then no need to worry about those diseases, we are safe now because now we have Mosquit. Just keep it with you and can be saved by all those diseases.
If you are suffering from mosquito diseases then you go to hospital use drugs and chemicals and spend a lot of money still people are dying because of those disease so now we can safe our  life and protect our self from mosquito.
Now no need to use mosquito coils (Smoke, smell), mosquito repellent machine no need spend money to buy those product again and again and oil to fill that machine.      
Global Burden of Dengue(cause mosquito)
The incidence of dengue has grown dramatically around the world in recent decades. The actual numbers of dengue cases are underreported and many cases are misclassified. One recent estimate indicates 390 million dengue infections per year (95% credible interval 284–528 million), of which 96 million (67–136 million) manifest clinically (with any severity of disease).1 Another study, of the prevalence of dengue, estimates that 3.9 billion people, in 128 countries, are at risk of infection with dengue viruses.2
Member States in 3 WHO regions regularly report the annual number of cases.. The number of cases reported increased from 2.2 million in 2010 to 3.2 million in 2015. Although the full global burden of the disease is uncertain, the initiation of activities to record all dengue cases partly explains the sharp increase in the number of cases reported in recent years.
Other features of the disease include its epidemiological patterns, including hyper-endemicity of multiple dengue virus serotypes in many countries and the alarming impact on both human health and the global and national economies.

Now we have Mosquit         

For keeping our self safe from These diseases we use Mosquito repellent but actually those repellents are more harmful for us.
Side effets of Mosquito Repellent
1. Now a days there are lots of mosquito repellent products but it is special because in this there is no smell no smoke no sound and easy to use and you can use anywhere. All the chemical based repellents contain the harmful chemical known as DEET. This chemical is dangerous in many ways and comes as a risk when our skin is directly exposed to this harmful chemical. Though it not kills mosquito, but it poses health problems to humans. DEET can act as irritant and may cause skin allergies. It can cause breathing difficulty, burning eyes, headaches. In long term exposure, it can lead to hormonal imbalance, such as TSH(Thyroid Stimulating Hormone), which can cause hypo/hyperthyroidism.
In other words if you use those mosquito repellent (coils, creams) then it smells very bad and smoke(which come from coils) very bad for health and also in recent article it is written that one mosquito coil it contains smoke of 17 cigarette then you can assume that how much harmful it is for our health and there are another product like creams and sprays if apply it on your skin, it contains a lot of chemical so that is also harmful for our skin , your skin can be damaged very badly if use these kind of products on daily .
Even Now America(FDA) has started to ban mosquito repellent because its side effects.It is reported that if we regularly use mosquito repellents the it can be cause of Cancer.
Dengue does not discriminate and can affect people from any strata
Benefits of  our  product(device)
Smell NO
Smoke NO
Chemical pesticide NO
Skin Damage NO
It( Mosquit) is only made by frequency/waves, and we put those frequencies which mosquitoes hate most because of that mosquito cannot close to us cannot bite us.  So no side effects at all.
It is really good because it doesn't smell because it is not made by any chemical substance so no side effects.
We made two type of MOSQUIT at same time.
Where and When we can use?
Everyone (Child, adults) they can wear this anywhere like indoors or outdoors(Home, School, office, at time of travelling) anywhere all the time, it is our plus point if you are going outside also you can carry this with you it effects everywhere.
Now you don't need to shut the door. Even if you are working in kitchen also you can wear this. If you are going for campaign (like forest) it will be effective there also. Even for fashion purpose also we can use this as It looks very stylish. Mosquit can be used by Tiny tots.

It is very easy to use
What you need to do is wear it as necklace or hang it on your pocket, just do this thing mosquito will fly away from you and won't bite you. It is very comfortable to use. If you charge this device for 30 minutes you can use it for 30 hours.
You don't need to apply to it on your skin every time.
Secret of Mosquit
The secret of Mosquit is frequency/waves which are infrared (people can't see can't hear)
There are such frequencies which can be heard by mosquito only because of these frequencies mosquito cannot contact with our skin and cannot bite us.
It is eco friendly because there is no use of any type of chemicals.
This is device which is made by only frequency which is not harmful for our environment and our body also.
No after service is needed.
It is not comparable with those products which is already available in the market.
We have tested this products in the following countries America, Brazil, Mexico, korea, India, Gaum
And Results are more than 98%.
In this universe there are 3500 kind of mosquitos and only 200 kind of mosquitos bite human.
So now you don't need to worry if you going to travel to an another country.
Now if you have this mosquit with you, then you are safe in any part of this world.
And this product is also very useful for daily life.
The best research and development team invented this Device(Mosquit)
If anyone have low immunity power then it is very useful for them.
NOTE- Mosquit is device which is save for children also.(No age limit)
No after service is needed.

Mosquit is a device which can help you and is made by JB Medical





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